Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Bionet.toxicology

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Bionet.Toxicology News Group

1. How do I participate in the Bionet.Toxicology News Group?
The simple way to participate is by using a web browser such as Netscape
Navigator or MS Explorer via the Internet. The web site is

It is also possible to use e-mail to receive postings to the tox news
group. For detailed instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing to e-mail
list servers, how to post messages, what subject matter is appropriate,
network etiquette, and other topics, see the Bionet web site at, or contact BIOSCI by e-mail at biosci-help at

2. How do I find information about a particular toxic agent?
There are a multitude of on-line resources that can provide you with useful
toxicological information. For starters try these:

a.) Search the Bionet.Toxicology Archive of previous postings via the web
site (

b.) Medline literature searches (free!) from the U. S. National Center for
Biotechnology Information/National Library of Medicine

c.) Search the databases at the major governmental agencies....
Of particular interest is

3. Are there any general collections of toxicology-related web sites?
One great collection of tox-related information is the Hardin
Meta-Directory for Toxicology...

Low Level Effects of Toxic Agents...

Environmental Concepts Made Easy...

Society/Organization Web Sites:

4. Are there any resources related to education in toxicology?
For a self-test, try the toxicology tutor......

For career information in toxicology......

Check out Peterson's Guide for educational programs......

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