Is Gasoline Toxic ?

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> Dear all,
> Sorry if this message is posted on the wrong newsgroup, but I
> would like to
> know the answer to this question:
> Is gasoline (Petroleum) toxic?
You shouldn't drink it. Virtually *every* substance is toxic, as long
your intake is too much. Easting too much tomatoes is poison as well.
But *toxic* in the sense as, e.g. mercury is, no.
> And also, is gasoline fumes carcinogenic?
Yes. It contains benzene C6H6 and this is a main carcinogen. And of
course in some countries the leaded fuel is still sold which contains
the toxic Pb(C2H5)4.
> Is there anywhere on the InterNet I can find information regarding
> matters
> like this?
> If anyone here know anything, I'd very much appreciated if you can
> give me a
> pointer or two.
> Thank you very much in advance.
allows you to fill in a name, formula or CAS number and it results is a
lot of pointers to preperty sheets, MSDS safety sheets, etc.
gives a lot of properties.


Check these MSDS-es.
Before you buy (and drink).

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