Is Gasoline Toxic ?

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Yes, gasoline is/is not toxic.  The word toxic in itself has
approximately 4,566,345 definitions.  Under EPA 313 regs,
it is not toxic.  If you drink three gallons, you will probably croak.
You have to define your definition for toxic to get a true answer.

Gasoline is not a single component system.  It contains many
chemical compounds.  Some of them, namely benzene, have been
implicated as carcinogenic compounds.


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Bob wrote in message <80bgou$icu$1 at>...
Dear all,

Sorry if this message is posted on the wrong newsgroup, but I would like to
know the answer to this question:

Is gasoline (Petroleum) toxic?

And also, is gasoline fumes carcinogenic?

Is there anywhere on the InterNet I can find information regarding matters
like this?

If anyone here know anything, I'd very much appreciated if you can give me a
pointer or two.

Thank you very much in advance.

hardwork at

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