Is Gasoline Toxic ?

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Thu Nov 11 12:25:19 EST 1999

Bob wrote in message <80bgou$icu$1 at>...
>Dear all,
>Sorry if this message is posted on the wrong newsgroup, but I would like to
>know the answer to this question:
>Is gasoline (Petroleum) toxic?
>And also, is gasoline fumes carcinogenic?
>Is there anywhere on the InterNet I can find information regarding matters
>like this?
>If anyone here know anything, I'd very much appreciated if you can give me
>pointer or two.
>Thank you very much in advance.
>hardwork at

I think you'll find that just about any material you care to mention is
potentially toxic,
in other words it can cause harm if you have enough of it enter your body
by whatever means is necessary to inflict the harm.

Generally, you would rate materials for toxicity in terms of such things as
lethal doses, or exposure limits.

A guide to these would be found on a suitable MSDS.


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