psilocibe semilaneata ones more

Dan dash33 at
Thu Nov 18 21:46:20 EST 1999

On 18 Nov 1999 17:59:57 -0000, kcn at ("KCN") wrote:

>... are any people using psilocibe semilanceata as hallucinogen in your
>I need this information in my work. Can somebody else answer me?...
I was hoping that someone having more knowledge on the subject would
respond.  I have several papers on psilocybe species in the USA at
my office and will try to remember to bring them home to provide a
better response.

Here in the southeastern U.S.A. I believe that it is Psilocybe
cubensis [Stropharia cubensis] that is most commonly found and taken
as a hallucinogen.  I know that it grows all along the warmer
coastal states from Florida to Texas.  I have observed it on several
occasions in eastern Texas emerging is association with cow dung in
cool weather.  

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