Amalgam ban demanded in Germany

Michael Stanley thesmilecentre at
Fri Oct 1 11:05:54 EST 1999

Good questions. Of course, if you have to replace a filling in its average
lifetime, its harder to make money. I guess that is why the Germans think it
doesn't make "economic sense."

mls ;)

Brian Sandal wrote:

> In Renate Ratlos  <renate.ratlos at> wrote:
> :>A lifetime guaranty is not "wrong", shouldn't be forbidden. Do I assume you
> :>disapprove of "Replacement Value" insurance as well?
> Does such exist for dental work?
> : You must differentiate between the practise of replacing a good and
> : the advertising of a guarantee.
> A `lifetime guarantee' just hands over some of the quality control to the
> customer.
> What would you  give for an amalgam lifetime and for a composite lifetime?
> Is it better to spend a lot longer being very sure that a filling will
> not fail or to do it quickly and replace it if it fails within an avergae
> lifetime of a filling for that sort?
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