aflatoxin in peanuts

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Tue Oct 12 22:41:06 EST 1999

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:45:26 -0000, "JB l'Européen"
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>...I saw in the bibliography of Mister Bernard that some other products could
>be infected with moistures producing aflatoxins. Are you aware of other
>fruits or products like that ? Not only on American market, of course...

Improperly stored corn is certainly known to support the growth of
A. flavus and thereby become contaminated with aflatoxins.  I
believe that many other types of stored grains and some other types
of nuts may also become similarly affected.  I have seen a hand-held
ultraviolet light used to qualitatively survey stored corn for the
presence of aflatoxin: the most potently carcinogenic of these
mycotoxins, aflatoxin B1, glows blue under UV illumination.  The
less toxic aflatoxins G glow green under UV.  I doubt that this
method is sufficiently sensitive to detect anything other than very
high levels of the toxins.


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