peanut lobby?

Kristofer D. Dale barefoot at
Thu Oct 14 00:45:47 EST 1999

: Yes, I did oppose unwarented and unnecessary limitations on pesticides.
: I still
: do.  The principle I advocate is that the risk of using a pesticide
: should
: outweigh the risk of not using the pesticide, before restricting it

: How do you form your ideas, Elke30?

Out of curiosity, do you include factors such as the long-term effects
of pesticide residues on assimilation of nutrients and the possible
deleterious effects on immune function when evaluating those risks?
There is some hard evidence published that lends credence to the growing
concerns that genetics and longevity play only a small part in the
drastic increase of degenerative diseases in industrialized nations and
regions. Reference the studies discussed at:


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