Conference Announcement: IBC's Predictive and Emerging Technologi es for Lead Selection and Optimization

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Tue Jul 17 09:44:19 EST 2001

IBC’s 4th Annual Predictive and Emerging Technologies for Lead Selection and
November 12-14, 2001 * Paradise Point Resort * San Diego, CA

This conference will address how predictive technologies for ADME and Tox
are actually being APPLIED in drug discovery projects.

Some of the conference highlights include:
* Data Generation, Reduction, Consistency and Interpretation
* The New Conundrum: Prolonged QT Interval
* FDA Regulatory Perspective
* Toxicogenomics and Metabonomics
* High Throughput ADME Assays
* The Latest Technologies: What’s Working and What’s Not?

View full event details online:
<>  or email me for a copy of the
program agenda.


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