!!!! HELP !!!!! 'pyrometallurgical' question !!!!!!!!!!

Holger Brockhausen Holger.Brockhausen at chello.at
Mon Apr 1 17:25:38 EST 2002

Hi there,

can anybody give me a GERMAN ( if possible !? or a good ( easy )
explanation ) of the terms 'pyrometallurgical' and 'hydrometallurgical'
clean up process of arsenic contaminated soil ???
It's really important and any help would be greatly appreciated !!!! ( By
the way, does anybody know of a german translation of the topic : 'Arsenic
Contaminated Soils' - remediation methods (technical methods and
phytoremediation ) ) Thank you very much and please be so kind and forward
your post to my email address - if possible - too :
Holger.Brockhausen at chello.at / cfuerhapper at hotmail.com

Holger & Christina

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