What's a "standard" toxicology screen?

Dave Bushnell batcave at dma.net
Thu Feb 20 20:20:50 EST 2003

Hi folks --

I'm a writer trying to put together a mystery plot.  I was wondering
about what is routinely tested for as part of an autopsy.  I watch Law
and Order or whatever, and they talk about "routine tox screens" and
was wondering if someone could provide a little more information about
that process.

Is is different if homicide is suspected vs. an apparent suicide or
death of natural causes?

I assume that they routinely test for drugs of abuse, but I'm
particularly interested in whether monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or
high tyramine levels  would be detected.  Would that show up, even
though they weren't testing for it specifically?

Thanks very much for any help!

-- Dave

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