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If you are interested in the relationships among salamander families, 
check out the work of Alan Larson and of David Hillis, both of whom are 
doing molecular systematics of salamanders. I don't know if they have 
anything relevant that's more recent than this, but here are the papers 
that I've seen:  

Hillis, D.M. (1991) The phylogeny of amphibians: Current knowledge and 
the role of cytogenetics. In D.M. Green, and S.K. Sessions (eds): 
Amphibian Cytogenetics and Evolution. San Diego: Academic, pp. 7-31.

Larson, A. (1991) A molecular perspective on the evolutionary 
relationships of the salamander families. Evol. Biol. 25:211-277.

I also have a reference to a paper that looks promising, but I haven't 
seen it yet:

Morescalchi, A. (1992) Structural and molecular approaches to the 
phylogeny of amphibia.  Bollettino di Zoologia 59:23-31.

Oh, I should point out that of course the findings of Hillis and Larson 
contradict each other.

Good luck!
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