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Thu Aug 4 17:42:26 EST 1994

August 4, l994

Salutations Careers Friends:

Thanks to all who responded to an earlier message. For a book
about job finding on the Internet (HOOK UP, GET HIRED, to be
published by Wiley, Spring '95) I am collecting case histories of
     (a) people who have found jobs (permanent or contract)

     (b) employers (or third party employment services) who have
     recruited people online;

     (c) people who have left jobs to become entrepreneurs and
     found work on line (consultants, home businesses and the

It has been exciting to find out about the dozens and dozens of
people who responded with TECHNICAL job stories. I appreciate
your sharing them with me more than I can say. Orchids to you!

But the human interest data collection is incomplete. I still
need people in NON-TECHNICAL job fields to balance out the book.
It's my understanding that the majority of jobs in the online
jobmarket are technical in nature, but that the non-techs are
beginning to show up too in explosive numbers.  If this true, I
need to document it and hope to hear from you who are in the non-
tech fields.

As before, nothing will be printed before you see it and with
your okay in writing. 
One more request:  Does anyone know of a resource open to any
individual, paid or unpaid, that resume posters can enlist to
assure privacy of contact information?  Like a "third person"
service. This could be an agency that, for fee or free, codes
resumes, posts them and does not reveal the resume subject's name
or contact information, but forwards employer queries to that
resume subject?  We know about some college resume security
services but we're looking for a service anyone can use. We need
to solve the problem of how to keep your boss from knowing you're
looking for another job. And preventing information that might
put you in harm's way.

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