Hybridization proceedures

Fri Jul 29 13:02:33 EST 1994

I would like to see if I can get an approximate idea of where a
particular gene is located on its chromosome by doing in situ
hybridization with a cDNA probe. Has anyone on the net tried this with a
urodele or have a procedure they think could be adapted to this purpose?

Incidentally, has anyone yet come up with a transgenic urodele? If
anything has been published, I have missed it. I did a quick literature
search on the past two years and came up with no transgenic amphibians
at all! That surprises me just a bit. Whatever have our Xl-ent friends
been up to?

By the way, I have noticed since the formal approval of the uronet that
a few people have been trying to sign on by sending messages to the
list. I hope somebody sets them straight, or gets them signed on
property. I belong to a couple of other e-mail discussion groups and the
more common problem seems to be signing off. People are always sending
"unsubscribe" messages to the list rather than to the listserver!

Anyhow, I'm pleased to see that it was approved as I think this method
of informally discussing problems and ideas is very valuable. I'd like
to encourage everyone to spread the word.

John Armstrong     jbarm at acadvm1.uottawa.ca
Univ. of Ottawa

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