roy a. tassava rtassava at BOTTOM.MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Mon May 15 09:48:57 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues: We would very much appreciate suggestions on a technical
problem involving polyclonal Abs.  We have a polyclonal serum from a rabbit
immunized against recombinant newt FGF-1.  In trying to determine
immunoreactivity in tissues such as brain, kidney, and blastema, we cannot
see reactivity over and above that of pre-immune serum (the control).  Thus
both Anti serum and pre-immune give the same immunoreactivity, each of which
appears to be non-specific.  We have tried a range of anti-serum
concentrations, blocking agents (non-fat dry mild and/or bovine serum), etc.
to no avail.  We know the anti-serum is specific because on dot blots and
Western blots the anti-serum gives signal but the pre-immune serum does
not.  Thus the non-specific reactivity is to tissues.  We have also tried
different fixations and times of fixations.  Does anyone have suggestions?
Roy Tassava

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