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Wed Dec 11 14:06:19 EST 1996

About a year and a half ago, I asked this net for info on my mating 
of a white and an albino, getting dark and white offspring.  I got a 
lot of info on this mating.  This biggest "surprise" was that I had 
gotten whites and not all dark.  Although I gave up a lot of larevae, 
to Roy Tassava and others, I did keep some--3 white and 3 dark.

Just mated two darks a couple weeks ago.  The larvae are big enough 
now that I can see I have darks, lighter ones with black eyes 
(white, I assume) and lighter ones with light eyes (albinos, I 

I am not a genetics-type but I think this is sort of interesting.  
Right now, the larvae are all in one larger container so I don't have 
any ratios, etc.  Will look at that this weekend when I plan to put 
them in smaller bowls (8" culture dishes from Carolina).

Tim Stabler

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