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Mon Dec 23 15:55:36 EST 1996

 	Hello Dear urodele researchers:

	At the labo we have had axolotls organisms developing fungi 
infestation. This is a very uncommon problem for me, it appearence as 
white cotton-like covering the skin of the limbs  and it destroy 
epithelium and muscle and produce swelling and edema of these (one or two 
limbs generally). This abnormality cause immobility and necrosis of 
tissues and the fungi it may to invade other regions of animals's body 
and to killer it finally. Aditionally, the fungi become like a 
filament less aggressive that appeared in the tail fin.  
	We suspect this problem was originated from any fishes as food; 
however this fungi was not detectable in fishes and any of they developed 
infestation after axolotl does. 
	We have intented the treatment with common antimicrobial agents, 
however it has been inefficient. Do you had seen it some time? What do you 
suggest me? Thanks in advance.

P.S.  Merry Christmas and the best wishes for 1997 year.

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