axolotl genome project?

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thanks, Richard!  this is very valuable information!  cheers,gmm

On 21 Nov 2000, Richard Gordon wrote:

> I finally narrowed down the source. The questions below would have to 
> be answered to get an axolotl genome project off the ground.
> Yours, -Dick Gordon
> From: http://www.nih.gov/science/models/process/
> By what process did the community obtain input and reach a consensus 
> about the priority for the proposed project?
> What other sources of support, including non-U.S. sources, exist?
> What are the advantages and limitations of the model organism for 
> research purposes, including genome size, tractability for genetic 
> studies, ease of use, generation time, storage of organism or 
> gametes, etc.?
> What is the justification for needing the genomic resources now, 
> rather than later, when costs are likely to be lower?
> Do the proposed resources exist, or are there plans to develop such 
> resources, outside the U.S.?
> What are the unique advantages of having the genomic information of 
> this organism?
> What scientific advances will be made possible that otherwise would 
> not, given the current state of the genomic tools?
> With as great precision as possible, what is the cost of the project?
> What is the duration of the project?
> How will resources, such as databases and repositories, be supported 
> after the completion of the project?
> How will data and resources generated by this project be made 
> available rapidly and efficiently to the research community?
> What genomic resources, including databases and repositories, currently exist?
> What is the size of the research community for the organism?
> Who will benefit from the improved genomic resources? The immediate 
> community? The broader biomedical research community?
> What will be the benefits?
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