Lung regeneration

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Sandi and Jill,
I looked in some older literature to check on amphibian lung
regeneration and found mention of some positive results in the axolotl
and in Bufo by a Russian (Solopayev) in the 1950's. I can't find the
exact reference and the work is just mentioned in the book on
regeneration by Vorontsova and Liosner. They make the point that
Weismann examined lung regeneration in the 1890's and reported that it
did not occur, but the newer studies indicate he was wrong. Regeneration
apparently occurs very, very slowly.
I really don't think there have been any more recent studies on lung
regrow at all in the US or Europe, in amphibians or any other animals.
Tony Mescher 

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Hello all. We have a question about lung regeneration and we can't find
any references. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Axolotl Colony

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