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Mon Aug 2 17:18:44 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug2.155314.26076 at> David Coates writes:
>Not much out there on plant virus receptors, it seems.....
>Gildow's work using EM seems to be the only good evidence around
>that plant viruses can travel through insect cells by what
>looks like receptor mediated endocytosis (strictly transcytosis). 
>Like the geminiviruses, they (probably) do not replicate in the
>insect vector. [Stuff deleted]
If "they" refers to plant viruses in general, it is important to
remember that some plant viruses do replicate in their insect vectors.
For example, the rhabdoviruses SYVV and LNYV replicate in aphids.

Ulrich Melcher
Dept. Biochem & Mol. Biol.
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