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I need more information on the HANTAVIRUS.  I need more solid information
on how it is spread.  I have conflicting information as to the method
of transmission.    I have two reports, one states that HANTAVIRUS is spread
by TICKS on the mice, and the other states that it is airborne from the mice

I work in enviromential (heated) cabinets which acquire a population of mice 
in them.   This is a concern, as I am involved in the repair of equipment
within these cabinets, and work in close proximity to the mice droppings, and
I also remove dead mice on occasion.  I have talked with the local department 
of health, but they could not (would not) give me much more than the standard 
"caution" speech.    I would prefer information from 'official' sources, as 
I am now requested to bring any information to the attention of my supervisor.

Thanks in advance.

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