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Wed Sep 1 15:33:00 EST 1993

>Bionet.virology had an interface (CB fanatics have eyeballing sessions, so
>why not?) on the Tues night: present were cup at bones (Chris Upton,
>instigator), ed at micro (self), Ulrich Melcher, the Crazy Kraut Canuck, and
>Ute, who wanted to learn about this phenomenon.  We suppered at Harry
>Ramsden's (if the natives eat there, it should be good), and talked of
>FTP, of gophering, of people with bottle scars, and of the various and
>disparate viruses we worked with (pox, measles and plant).  A reasonably
>good time was had by all (well, by me, anyway).

Great to hear, remember all GOOD things start small !!!

>I raised this topic at the Plant Virus Subcomm meeting of the ICTV, and
>was told it had been discussed at some length elsewhere, and it was felt
>that it would be an insult to the various publishers who put out the
>various reports, etc, if we were to put the info in a gopher-accessible

This argument is about the same as what was used when the motor car was first 
invented. In case some of the gentry on horseback or horse and carriage got 
offended that someone was actually travelling faster than they did it was law 
that someone carrying a red flag should walk in front of the motor car (to 
slow it down !) So let'sd not get bogged down in that sort of quagmire ! In 
any case, Adrian Gibbs' gopher should put an end to that argument as Ed has 
pointed out.

>Animal/human virologists are
>catered for too, in the form of an internet-accessible databse for 530
>arboviruses and 180 other viruses created by Kolaskar and Naik
>(Intervirology 34:133-141, 1992).  This is available on the Microbial
>Strain Data Network (MSDN) thru Dialcom (US), Telecom Gold (UK), and
>internet (authors do not say how...!).  Robert Coelen may know more?

Well, MSDN charges users for access and also a registration fee. Further 
information can be obtained from msdn at Incidentally folks, you can 
ftp a manual, entitled 'Internet, a biomedical view' from :

It is written with Word for Windows version 2.0, the zipped up version 
( is considerably smaller than the internet.doc version and in 
terms of bandwidth the preferred version to ftp (both in binary mode though !).
The manual is about 130 pages and explains basic concepts and gets you going 
with some of the internet facilities.

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