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>>I raised this topic at the Plant Virus Subcomm meeting of the ICTV, and
>>was told it had been discussed at some length elsewhere, and it was felt
>>that it would be an insult to the various publishers who put out the
>>various reports, etc, if we were to put the info in a gopher-accessible
>This argument is about the same as what was used when the motor car was first 
>invented. In case some of the gentry on horseback or horse and carriage got 
>offended that someone was actually travelling faster than they did it was law 
>that someone carrying a red flag should walk in front of the motor car (to 
>slow it down !) So let'sd not get bogged down in that sort of quagmire ! In 
>any case, Adrian Gibbs' gopher should put an end to that argument as Ed has 
>pointed out.
Seconded! - most vigorously!! The future of information provision is going
to change so dramatically over the next few years that arguments such as
the one above are going to be totally out of line. Even here in Hull we are
looking at the information provision to departments being totally
electronic - ie NO journals on the shelves (this is mainly because of
soaring subscription charges and proliferating journal titles - from
publishers who are selling our own (publicly-funded) research results back
to us as high prices).Any publisher with any sense will be backing efforts
in electronic information provision to the hilt - the future of
conventional distribution is looking mightly bleak.

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