Farewell to the smallpox virus?

Fri Sep 3 07:07:20 EST 1993

Actually, given the fact that the entire genome of the virus is available as
individual clones, it would be easy to reconstruct it, despite its 140 kb size,
by homologous recombination in YACS or P1 phage.  I am aware of people resonstr
ucting the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus in this manner.  Essentially the me
thod involves allowing yeast to reconstruct the full-length genome in vivo in
a YAC by homologous recombination.  I think there was a paper in Science on
this within the last year.  It is a popular method with biotech companies
trying to reconstruct the human immunoglobulin loci in mice in order to raise
human antibodies for therapeutic purposes.
SOmebody should let me know if I am way off base on this.

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