American Society for Virology meeting

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Wed Apr 13 17:34:03 EST 1994

In article <DAVEH-120494145400 at>, DAVEH at MACC.WISC.EDU (Dave Hall) writes:
|> Hello all!
|> The hosts here at UW-Madison want you to know that the information
|> for this year's ASV meeting is now available via anonymous FTP. 
|> The FTP site can be reached at RHINO.BOCKLABS.WISC.EDU
|> The information can be found in the directory /pub
|> The information is named ASV94.INFO
|> We're looking forward to seeing you at ASV!!
|> -- 
|> From the best seats in the UW Fieldhouse

Just a couple of precisions: has an IP# (Internet address)

The file is called and is found in /pub/ASV94

This is important for those of you who have CaSe SENsiTIVe programs for

Either dave or me will be happy to entertain pertinent questions...



sgro at

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