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>Dear colleagues:
>Inspired by the wonderful workings of the World-Wide Web - and the 
>excellent virology site, which I can reach now and then - I have 
>been dabbling in the weirdnesses of an HTML editor in order to 
>construct a virology "hypertext", based loosely on what I teach 
>second-year-undergraduates.  That is to say, introductory 
>molecular-based virology concentrating on replication mechanisms. 

A great idea!!!

I'd like to see it. One of my worries has been how do students like this
sort of thing? Especially if they have to go to the trouble of finding a
computer lab, a free machine and then how to run things. 
I was thinking of trying to introduce a few things based on the Wisconsin
Virology WWW server, but I may have to get my basic virology course written


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