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> >construct a virology "hypertext", based loosely on what I teach 
> >second-year-undergraduates.  That is to say, introductory 
> >molecular-based virology concentrating on replication mechanisms. 
> A great idea!!!


> I'd like to see it. One of my worries has been how do students 
like this
> sort of thing? Especially if they have to go to the trouble of 
finding a
> computer lab, a free machine and then how to run things. 

Our crowd were most excited: they are generally a bunch of terminal 
junkies anyway, and we have a dedicated micro lab for our building, 
with 3/486s running Windows 3.1, so they're accustomed to the 
environment.  Now just to install Mosaic, crippled with a null 

> I was thinking of trying to introduce a few things based on the 
> Virology WWW server, but I may have to get my basic virology 
course written
> first!!

We have a problem accessing the World Outside in that things are 
soooo sloooow, it's not worth building in the real worth of the Web, 
which is access to remote sites: everything in my tutorial is 
in-built (all graphics, text files are local).  Of course, you lot 
in the over-privileged North don't really have this problem, so you 
can do that sort of thing.

And in response to:

 > Along this line, are there any people teaching graduate level 
> (molecular based) courses interested in putting modules in HTML 

> Zhongguo Xiong, Ph.D

I am going to do some modules of this sort for molecular phylogenies 
of plant viruses (eg: potyviruses, geminiviruses), culled from 
recent publications.  I am conning my wife (Anna-Lise Williamson) to 
do the same for papillomaviruses involved in genital lesions.  I 
would be very interested in anyone else's contributions to this as 
well - and this is of course the right forum discuss this...I was 
prompted into this, incidentally,  by seeing the ASV abstracts book 
proceedings on their Teaching Virology Workshop, and thinking that 
it was a pity they didn't get into this (except for structural 

HTML on, comrades....

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