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Wolfram Brune BRUNE at sun0.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Aug 23 12:50:07 EST 1994

In message <94823182258.~INN-ZEAa00167.bionet-news at dl.ac.uk> Sue Jeffrey writes:
> Does anyone know anything about the recent illness of a Yale researcher
> exposed to some sort of rodent virus? I am very interested to find out
> which virus it was, thanks for any responses.
> Sue Jeffrey
> Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
> New York City
> email: sjeffrey at ski.mskcc.org
I have not heard of this case, maybe because I'm sitting in Germany, not in the 
US. My first thought was that it could be a Hantavirus. These viruses are 
transmitted from rodents to humans and usually cause hemorrhagic fever with 
renal syndrome. Last year, however, a strain of this virus supposedly caused an 
outbreak of acute respiratory illness (Hantavirus associated pulmonary syndrome)
in the south-western United States.
I am courious myself to learn which virus was responsible for this case. I'm 
sure that some of you folks out there know more about it.

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