Yale Disease, Handling erro?

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Wed Aug 24 15:26:14 EST 1994

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> I read the article about the problem with the virus leak in the boston 
> globe,  someplaces, it said "GLASS" test tube,  other places "PLASTIC". 
> The test tube broke in centrifuge, and he cleaned it up.
> I work with High Titer Viruses, and wonder what was his error?
> He was using Gloves, Mask, Labcoat, etc.
> Was the Centrifuge disenfected with spray, before he tried to remove test 
> tube pieces?
>  Does anybody have any clues?

I haven't read the article in the paper, but if it was a centrifuge
tube breakage, then some of the virus may have been aerosolized - and a
mask is not going to save you from viruses.

Just a thought

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