Yale Disease, Handling erro?

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Wed Aug 24 15:30:38 EST 1994

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> I read the article about the problem with the virus leak in the boston 
> globe,  someplaces, it said "GLASS" test tube,  other places "PLASTIC". 
> The test tube broke in centrifuge, and he cleaned it up.
> I work with High Titer Viruses, and wonder what was his error?
> He was using Gloves, Mask, Labcoat, etc.
> Was the Centrifuge disenfected with spray, before he tried to remove test 
> tube pieces?
>  Does anybody have any clues?

I think the only error in handling the situation was not allowing enough
time for any aerosols to settle out before cleaning the area. Apparently it
was aerosols that got him. Incidentally, the biggest error, according to
the press that I've heard, was in not reporting the spill to the biosafety
dept at Yale. It wasn't until days later, after ruling out malaria and
other assorted things, that the spill was ever mentioned.
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