Yale disease

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>BUT WHAT HAPPENED????  SOme of us don't get US papers, and we have 
>not the faintest idea what happened, to whom or how serious it was. 
> Anyone feel like posting the original article or reasonable 
>facsimile thereof?  Ta,
Hi Ed,

You seem to assume that access to American
newspapers gives Americans a better idea
of what happened than is available to those
with no such access. The papers gave no
clear consensus as to how the accident
occurred, but several reports (probably not
independent of one another) centered on the
breakage of a glass centrifuge tube. Nothing
I saw (including NY Times) spelled out whether
the glass broke the man's skin, what safety
items (gloves, mask, gown) he wore, etc.

Sabia is an arenavirus. Arenaviruses include
LCM, Machupo, Junin, and Lassa. There is no
serologic or genetic relatedness between
this group and hantaviruses. They do have some
similarities in epidemiology, host species,
and general genetic makeup.


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