Mx proteins

Timothy R. Hughes th035681 at
Sat Aug 27 16:08:00 EST 1994

I am a graduate student working on abstracts for my qualifying
exam.  One of them involves the Mx genes, and proposes a number
of experiments designed to elucidate the mechanism if Mx1 and
MxA antiviral activity.

I am not supposed to get help from faculty at Baylor, but seeking
advice from outside the college is allowed and advised by 
other students.  Most of the publications on Mx genes are from
Europe and Japan, so I can't very easily contact the 
authors.  Would anyone out there be willing to review
my abstract?  I would really appreciate it.  Please respond by
email.  I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to put my abstract
out on the net.

Thank you,

Tim Hughes
th035681 at

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