Sabia Virus incident

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Wed Aug 31 00:48:16 EST 1994

NY Times and other US mnews agencies reported today that the
Yale scientist accidentally infected wityh Sabia virus is out
of the hospital. It was also reported that no other cases developed
even though 5 other people had close contact with the researcher;
also it was estimated 75 hospital workers examined him or had
contact with his blood and other bodily fluids and did not become
ill. He was admitted to hospital on Aug 20, 1994. He is the only
the third known case of human infection with Sabia virus known
to science. The first was diagnosed in Brazil in 1990; two of
the three cases involved lab workers (includes this case).
The researcher developed a temp of 103F which broke a day after
starting on Ribavirin. He remained hospitalized to complete
a 10-day course of i.v. ribavirin. Since other viruses related
to Sabia can be passed in the urine and semen, the researcher
was warned to take special precautions in disposing of his urine.
PCR was used to diagnose the virus.  He will participate in a
review of the accident which resulted in the infection which
involved a centrifuge and will develop procedures and
modifications to prevent this from happening again.

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