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Thu Dec 1 09:30:19 EST 1994

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Hi, Netters!
   I am trying to learn how to make virus-like particles so that I
will ultimately be able to determine the N-terminal sequence of a protein
not made in abundance by the native virion.  (This method was vaguely suggested
to me by the study section which reviewed my grant, and I don't know a lot
about it.)  I have been reading a little here and there about the "psi" line
for packaging virus, and I am searching for a comprehensive review.  Does
anybody know of one?  Thanks a lot.  Post or Email reply, please.
LKM100F at

The baculovirus expression vector system has been used to produce virus-like 
particles for several viruses including Rotavirus, Human Papilloma Virus and 
Calicivirus. Unfortunately, this system requires you to be able to clone the 
capsid genes into a baculovirus transfer vector which you may or may not be 
able to do.

Rotavirus reference:
Crawford, S.E., et al. 1994. Characterization of Virus-like Particles Produced 
by the Expression of Rotavirus Capsid Proteins in Insect Cells. J. Virol. 

Good luck!


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