viruses beyond P4 in terms of biosafety.....

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>> >"There are also viruses that are beyond P4 in terms of biosafety (eg
>> >smallpox)"
>> What other viruses are beyond P4 in terms of biosafety??
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>> Michael

>The smallpox virus can not be handled even in P4 containment.  Two
>locations world-wide have the virus (CDC in Atlanta and a Russian facility
>in Moscow) but can not culture the virus, per an international agreement. 
>The last virus stocks were slated to be destroyed last year, but a raging
>scientific debate among the most eminent virologist of our time has delayed
>the event.

'Most eminent virologist of our time?  wow! he must be really eminent if he 
can argue amongst himself, or was it other virologists first getting 'amongst' 
the eminent one and then arguing?

Sorry, couldn't help it.  Anyway, it was my understanding that everyone had 
agreed that the stocks were to be destroyed.


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