Sterilization of Blood Contaminated instruments

Jeff Roberts jbr0624 at
Thu Dec 1 17:26:21 EST 1994

Please excuse my ignorance if I have posted this in the wrong group.  I am 
looking for information on cleaning methods for surgical instruments that have 
been received direct from a surgery and are still blood contaminated - thus 
considered bio-hazards.  Could someone either help me or point me to a 
resource where I might find information on decontamination of the products if 
the blood is infected with some disease (i.e. hepatitis, AIDS, viral 
infection, etc.) so that it is safe for handling?

Additionally, how long can a disease organism live within a blood mixture even 
if the blood has totally dried?

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated!!!!   Thanks!!!!

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Jeff Roberts
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MegaDyne Medical Products, Inc.

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