potato tuber necrotic ring disease

Browning, Isla browning at sasa.gov.uk
Wed Dec 7 12:27:49 EST 1994

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From: browning at sasa.gov.uk
Date:  6 Dec 94 12:45:08 -0000

>The PVY isolate causing Potato Tuber Necrotic Ring Disease affects 
>cultivars which are either immune or possess high levels of field 
>resistance to PVY. The symptoms described resemble those I have 
>experienced on manual inoculation of PVA resistant cultivars with PVA. 
>The resultant tubers grow poorly and may show leaf drop streak.I would 
>be interested to hear if anyone considers that the symptoms induced by 
>the PVYNRD isolate are in fact resistance reactions.
>Isla Browning
>Diagnostics and Molecular Biology Section 

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