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Scott Edward Wenderfer wenderse at UCUNIX.SAN.UC.EDU
Sat Dec 10 13:46:34 EST 1994

Hello everyone,

I am a medical student at the University of Cincinnati.  One of our profs
(Dr. H. Curt Bubel (anyone know him?)) told us in lecture that the molecular
basis for reoccurring latent Herpes infections may involve some sort of
mRNA transcript which accumulates over time.  This "lat" transcript somehow
tells the HSV genome to become activated when it reaches a certain threshold
concentration.  Does anyone know how this works?  
If the mRNA accumulates over months and years within cells, how does it escape
degradation by RNAses?
Just curious, it probably won't be on our test.

scott wenderfer
md/phd candidate msII
univ. cincinnati
home of the bearcats

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