Collaboration, Discovery, and Change

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> 1Collaboration, Discovery, and Change
> A Brief Introduction
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> However, it is becoming increasingly apparent 
> that a new form of change is in order.  We 
> need to pull ourselves from the restrictive, 
> beauracratic workplace of today, and enter the 
> bold, new next generation of the Creative Center.  
> We need to bring together the people of the 
> world, their cultural ties, their professional 
> aptitudes, their creative intuition.  Bringing 
> these people together in one place, every day, 
> allowing them to freely exchange their ideas 
> and thoughts, will lead us to solutions to 
> nearly any problem.    
Bringing more people together on any problem usually just leads to an
increase in the noise and heat levels to the point that meaningful
discussion and work becomes impossible.

Is the Natural Law Party behind this project?  Whee, we're yogic flying!!!!

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