John Bransford jsbthree at
Wed Jun 8 16:12:41 EST 1994

We are preparing a documentary film  (not for profit)about how
doctors diagnose illness.  The object is to follow the patient
through the diagnostic process using reenactment and live
interviews.  There is a not inconsiderable amount of  money budgeted
to pay patients/subjects for their story provided they are willing
to be interviewed on camera.  Subjects need be fairly articulate.
 The cases must be interesting and somewhat unique and/or dramatic
but need not be life threatening.  The object is to illuminate the
diagnostic pr ocess by highlighting the mystery solving aspect.

 If either you or someone you know  had a puzzling medical case and
is interested in being interviewed for the show please e-mail a
complete (but not overly long)  description of your case to the
address brelow.

 Thank you.

 jsbthree at

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