The Coming Plague

Gregg Gonsalves gregg at
Tue Nov 1 17:38:56 EST 1994

I am in the middle of Laurie Garrett's new book, The Coming Plague, which 
chronicles the rise of emerging viral and other infections, multi-drug 
resistant bacteria, etc..  So far I've gotten through the chapters on Machupo, 
Lassa, Ebola, Legionella, Swine Flu, Rift Valley Fever.  Laurie is a science 
reporter for Newsday in New York and is probably the best AIDS reporter in 
the country writing in the popular press.  Her book leaves behind much of the 
hysterics of "The Hot Zone" and is a fine piece of work which is gripping to 
read and puts the emergence of these new infections in a broader historical, 
political and social context.  Even though I've only made it through the first 
200 of 600+ pages, I heartily recommend it to both scientists and lay 


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