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> out on the fun. By recombining genomes you can develop and adapt 
> much faster than by waiting for mutations, even if you are as 
sloppy at
> replication as HIV is. Coincidental coinfection of two different 
> and the subsequent generation of psuedodiploid virions gives you 
> incredible selective advantage over any other competitor.

...yes, but maybe the pseudodiploidy in retroviruses is simply an 
FIRST an adaptation to the requirements of their peculiar 
replication cycle and SECOND an advantage in terms of recombination? 
 Recall that retroviruses need a template switch soon after 
initiation of reverse transcription on one genomic RNA, because the 
tRNA priming site is right up there at the 5' end - and what 
provides a handy template template to switch to other than another 
molecule of RNA attached to the first?  (or the other end of the 
first, but let's not complicate matters).

> Hey, but I'm just a phage guy. PJ

No shame...some of our best prac stars are phages...!

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