I AM fairly SCARED!!!!

chatski carl chatski at umbc.edu
Wed Nov 2 17:54:45 EST 1994

In article <398jqo$65v at pipe1.pipeline.com>,
Kevin Akers <kakers at pipeline.com> wrote:
>This is a very interesting thread, and I'm familiar w/the 
>backround of Ebola, per Preston's article(?) in the New Yorker 
>magazine several years ago.  I would like to request that Mr. 
>Chatski please elaborate his position in precise and articulate 
>terms.  After all, this is science, and I'm not learning much 
>from his cryptic indications.  If "there is no animal host," 
>how does Ebola guarantee its continued survival and propagation 
>of genes?  If it "is not found in nature," then where is it 
>found?  What exactly do you mean by this?  

The place in the world today where there is the most evolutionary
pressure on viruses is the laboratory.  Unintentional or intentional.

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