I AM fairly SCARED!!!!

Wed Nov 2 08:48:47 EST 1994

What worries me the most is the public's (American public in this
case) perception of these problems. They got all panicky over
HIV, Legionaire's (sp?) disease, "flesh eating bacteria", and all
sorts of tabloid horrors. What they don't realize is that if 
something like Ebola ever got out of a remote area, cities like
New York would be wiped out before the incompetants that run public
health depts. could say, "Maybe we have a problem." What doesn't
help the situation is posts like the one I responded to, the 
government conspiracists who like to believe that we're so smart
that we could dream up such agents. The real problem being that then
we're somehow accountable and have a ready "antidote" for such
things. My father-in-law used to ask me if we had cured cancer
every time I saw him when I was working as a tech at a cancer
research center. He knew how ridiculous the question was, but he
also knew that would be the question that people (in general)
would ask when they found out where I worked. Sorry for the long
reply. I've seen your post on the group and hope that you'll come
up with something suitably eloquent to say about this. I tend to
write from the heart, and as you can see am not a very good

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