I AM fairly SCARED!!!!

RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Wed Nov 2 03:04:22 EST 1994

> From:          "Justin W. Moore" <jwmoore at lonestar.utsa.edu>
> On 31 Oct 1994, RYBICKI, ED wrote:
> > Hey, don't SHOUT so, man...!  But thank you on behalf of my 
> True.....but it does a good job in showing mankind that a species 
> threatening virus, bacterium, etc. is not an impossiblity.  I'm 
> The Hantavirus outbreak in the U.S. last year and the continual 
> of new, and sometimes lethal, viruses in the tropics should make 
> pay close attention to the world around us.......

Oh, we do, we do...I look for new and interesting (as in: lots of 
disease potential) geminiviruses all the time; my wife searches out 
new and interesting types of human papillomaviruses; my 
sister-in-law is typing novel HIVs from southern Africa.  And you 
will notice that epidemiogists and mol virologists were right on top 
of the recent hantavirus pulmonary syndrome outbreak in the 
south-western US.  We are probably better prepared now that at any 
past time for outbreaks of nasties - witness the research explosion 
stimulated by AIDS, which has resulted in our understanding 
retroviruses in general, and lentiviruses in particular, so much 
better, to say nothing of the functioning of the immune system.

Just because there are nasties out there doesn't mean they are going 
to get us (I hope...)!
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