Re. Scary Virus Epidemics.

J.P. Hays jph5 at
Fri Nov 4 09:02:13 EST 1994

Just to add a few personal thoughts to the current discussion on virus

1) Ebola and Hantaan infections tend to cause "direct" mortality, whilst
viruses such as Influenza and HIV leave an "opening" for secondary
bacterial/fungal/protozoal microorganisms to invade the host and facilitate
mortality. Is this one reason why these former viruses tend to be more "scary".

2) Vaccines may not be the panacea that people hope for. I'm writing from
memory, but I'm sure there was a Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccine used in
America which facilitated greater morbidity in vaccinated individuals
that came into contact with RSV than in unvaccinated individuals
that came into contact with RSV.

3) I think there was once a suggestion that the eradication of Yellow Fever,
(if possible), may provide an ecological niche for the emergence of Monkey Pox
virus in relevant geographical locations.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any thoughts/relevant data about any of these
thoughts and was willing to share them over the virology discussion group.


John Hays.   jph5 at

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