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In article <39blpf$efr at news.CCIT.Arizona.EDU> Martinez Hewlett <hewlett at brahms.biosci.arizona.edu> writes:
>We found the same thing when examining the laboratory passage of LaCrosse
>encephalitis virus and snowshoe hare virus.  Laboratory passage produced
>selected few variations in nucleic acid sequence, wherease viruses
>isolated in the wild at different times varied widely.  (Reference:  M.
>J. Hewlett, J. P. M. Clerx, C. M. Clerx-van Haaster, L. J. Chandler, D.
>M. McLean and B. J. Beaty (1992), Genomic and biologic analyses of
>snowshoe hare virus field and laboratory strains, Amer. J. Trop. Med.
>Hyg., 46, 524-532)

I can add my $0.02 worth to this thread: IN my laboratory we tried to 
change the genotype of Ross River virus by high moi passaging. After ten 
passages, we found, using RNase T1 mapping not a single change. We calculated
(on the basis of the number of spots and their approximate size) that we were 
scanning about 10% of the genome. Having said this, it is a fairly straightforward
task to cause genotypic differences by growing the same virus in the presence of neutralising
monoclonal antibodies, as has been aptly demonstrated by the group of Dalgarno and Weir
in Canberra



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