viruses of algae (Chlamydomonas)?

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Tue Nov 8 23:40:21 EST 1994

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It seems I was not clear enough in my previous post.  First of all, as I
stated in my original post, my comment about plant viruses replicating in
Chlamy meant exactly and only that... replication.  It was intended to be
a theoretical statement only.  I never implied or intended to imply that
ANY higher plant viruses >>naturally<< infect algae.  Apparently, numerous
people thought I was unaware of the fact that most restriction of plant
viral host range is at the level of movement.  I can assure everyone that
I am keenly aware of this and would like to re-emphasize that I did not
intend to imply infection of Chlamy except under specific laboratory
conditions and only with regard to replication.  I would refer those
interested in this topic to the work from Dr. Paul Ahlquist's lab.  I
think everyone in this usegroup has read the Cell paper where replication
of a plant virus was demonstrated in yeast cells.  

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