notalot (was Re: viruses of algae (Chlamydomonas)?)

Wed Nov 9 02:49:47 EST 1994

> "pond-trawling"???
> Do this often of a weekend Ed?  Sounds like a fun past time to me. 
 You South 
> Africans really know how to live it up!  :-)  :-)

Wee-ee-eelll...more like dog-bowl trawling, in my case....that's 
where I see the most green scum on the most regular basis.  But 
seriously now, if you want to find a whole wonderful little 
ecosystem that is probably (as in the marine case) regulated by 
viruses, you need look no further than your average green pond, I am 
sure - lots of very interesting algae, plenty bacteria, and probably 
a truck-load of uncharacterised viruses.  Was going to go do that 
sort of thing, when I unexpectedly got enough money to let me limp 
along on geminiviruses.  Now to find a geminivirus that infects pond 

But sure beats looking at sheep all weekend...

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