Monkey Virus

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Sat Nov 26 03:31:42 EST 1994

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>please forgive me if it has.  I just have a few questions on the
>so-called Monkey Virus.  All that I know about it is that it is a
>class 4 bio-hazard virus (which is the most dangerous), that it
>causes the blood vessels to expand and break, and is extremely deadly.
>Can anyone tell me where it originated from, to what extent it has
>infected humans (if any) and any other relevant information on the

I think you are referring to Marburg virus(1967), originally called
Green Monkey Virus, a haemorhaggic fever.  Its name was changed when
no natural reservoir could be found.

In the 70's a close relative caused an outbreak in Sudan. It is called Ebola.
There is no known natural reservoir for this virus either.

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